United Kingdom, Hungary, Bulgaria Program

Originally we started the Coins for Kids program in 2006 in Budapest, after we learnt about similar program in the US and the UK. Though it was a big success amongst the children in Budapest, it was quite challenging to find sponsors for the program. With the support of many kind-hearted individual from the United Kingdom and the USA in 2011 we re-launched the Coins for Kids Program and bought presents for 28 children at the Kossuth Zsuzsa Orphanage in Bicske, Hungary. It was an amazing success and for me it was a heartfelt experience to have the opportunity to present the kids with the variety of toys we had bought them.

Photos of 2011

The program is organised by a non-profit organisation located in Hungary called Bridge-Hid Charitable Organisation. The organisation has been running different art and music therapy related programs at the Bicske Kossuth Zsuzsa Orphanage since 2009.

Some more photos of the children at Kossuth Zsuzsa orphanage

More photos

More photos

In the summer of 2012 we visited a shelter for children and adults in Sofia, Bulgaria called Concordia. We spent some time with the kids and their social workers. Later that we started a kids’ creativity program with an artist friend in Sofia and we invited 3 kids from the shelter free of charge to join the program. Then the idea came to include some of the kids from the shelter into the Coins for Kids program this year. After the management of the shelter and discussing the program with them, they got very excited about the program and as a result we included 40 kids from the shelter into the program for this Christmas.

Photos we took at the shelter this year

For 2012 we have 40 children and young people from the Bulgarian shelter and 33 kids from the Hungarian orphanage. On a separate page there are the lists with the name and age of the children partaking in the program in 2012. We wish to buy Christmas presents for all 73 kids, if possible. Our plan is to collect moneys, then buy the presents (mostly toys) in the UK, then have them transported to Hungary and Bulgaria. A lady (Ms Caroline Rose) in the UK is organizing the purchase of the presents at the end of November then sending them off to Hungary and Bulgaria before Christmas. The organisational team in Hungary and Bulgaria will distribute the presents around Christmas time.

We appreciate any donation you may offer to our program.

If you wish to donate, please, get in touch with Ildiko Kudlik (Hungarian organiser) on bridgehidkht@gmail.com

Thank you for your generosity.


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